Non NHS Services

Private Work Fees

The vast majority of the work of a GP is covered by the NHS and no extra fees are payable.

Some work falls outside the scope of the NHS.

Private work includes:

  • Medical examinations for insurance, HGV, sports etc.
  • Reports for insurance, lawyers, holiday cancellation.
  • Certificates of fact or forms like private sick notes, OFSTED, Lasting Power of Attorney etc.

Please contact the surgery if you require any private services.

Fees for non-NHS services as at 1st Mar 2024

The Partnership may refuse to undertake private work if they consider this to be outside of their expertise.

Please click here to download our fees for non-NHS Services.

 To help us process your request quickly and efficiently please ensure that you have signed ALL your documentation where applicable and allow up to 28 days for completion. We do try our hardest and best to complete this within 7-10 working days but some work can take longer than others.