GDPR and Privacy

General Practice Data for Planning and Research


You may have read in the press about "General Practice Data for Planning and Research" (GPDPR). This is a new way that NHS Digital will collect data from the GP record to help plan for future NHS healthcare. The new way of collecting patients data reduces the amount of work GP practices have to share the information.
Any data collected will be pseudonymised (meaning it can't be identified with an individual).
There are two types of opt out to consider.
  • TYPE 1 - this stops any data going from the practice to NHS Digital.
  • NATIONAL DATA - this will allow the data to be shared with NHS Digital, but stops any data going further than that.
Remember in both instances, the data isn't identifiable to you.
To Opt Out:
To opt out of Type 1: complete the form here  and return it to us (by email or in hard copy). We will then add the information to your medical record.
To opt out of National Data, visit  or use the NHS App.
Further information:

For information on how we share data, please see our shared Data Policy here

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