Flu Vaccination 2021

UPDATED 28.09.2021

Flu Vaccinations
We are now offering flu vaccinations for eligible patients.  We will contact you either by text, letter or telephone if you are eligible to book a flu vaccination. Please do not contact the practice with regards to making an appointment unless you have a technical problem with replying by phone or cannot make the date/time offered.
COVID19 Vaccinations
We are now offering COVID19 booster vaccinations at the surgery.  We will contact you either by text or telephone to let you know when you are eligible for the booster vaccination and to explain how you can book your appointment. We will try to coordinate your Flu & Covid vaccine at the same time (this is subject to vaccine delivery and availablity).
Patients become eligible for the COVID19 booster vaccination 180 days after they have had their second COVID19 vaccination so we will be offering you an appointment after that date.